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Head - Department of ITHM

Dr. A. R Khan

Head and Chairperson, Dept. of ITHM
Ph.D. (Tourism), Lacrosse University, USA,
M.A. (LMIS), Royal University of Dhaka
B.Sc. (THM), Pacific Coast University, Turkish

Message From the Head

Welcome to the International Tourism and Hospitality Management – ITHM program at Primeasia University. The value of a degree lies in what you can do with it, and what it can do for you. A bachelor’s degree in business with a major in ITHM is a passport to opportunities in a multi-trillion-dollar worldwide industry. Such a degree will provide you with opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and perspective to achieve success--however you choose to define it. ITHM graduates are finding their skills in high demand and job opportunities in abundance in an industry that is continuing to see phenomenal growth. Graduates with a bachelor's degree in ITHM can work in the areas of airlines, travel agency, tour operator, tourism & hospitality training institute, teaching/lecturing, tourism publications house, tourist information centre, national tourist organization, amusement parks, restaurant management, lodging, conventions and trade show management, special events management, destination marketing, club management, etc.

As an experienced industry practitioner and educator, we have seen that good managers have a solid understanding of basic tourism & hospitality business functions. Outstanding managers have the additional ability to see the integration of functions and make adjustments at critical decision points that positively impact business outcomes. Our program's integrated business focus provides many opportunities for students to develop these all-important managerial skills.

One of the distinctive advantages of our program is that it is housed within the School of Business. Our students get a solid background in business - in addition to the knowledge and skills needed for managing tourism and hospitality organizations. Consequently, our graduates are well prepared and sought after for both technical and business-related skills they bring to the organizations that hire them.

The tourism and hospitality industry is the second largest industry in the world. In the coming years, more and more people will be employed in the hospitality field. If you like working with people and are considering a management career in food and beverage service, resorts, hotels, conference centers, airline food services, casino and entertainment, event management, cruise lines, catering, or institutional dining halls, a degree in business with a concentration in hotel, restaurant, and resort management is your passport to vast opportunities.

If you are looking for a quality university experience that provides exceptional learning and the prospect of job opportunities in a fast-growing industry, consider the ITHM program at Primeasia University.

Feel free to contact us to see how Primeasia University’s International Tourism and Hospitality Management program can help you to achieve your goals!